Personal Tours Ireland offer many different types off tour, ranging from 1 days tours, all the way through to 10 or more day tours.  Each tour is planned to gove you the best experience and comfort, whilst also aiming to take in as many sights as possible.

1 Day Tours

Our 1 day tours take in small areas of Ireland in a single day, honing your tour to a certain area, whilst taking in as many sights as possible.

Movie Tours

These tours take you on a journey to various locations featured in many TV Shows and Movies.

We can include Game of Thrones, Vikings, Braveheart and Excalibur to name just a few...

Ireland is a prime location for many of hollywoods blockbusters as well as smaller production and TV shows

Multi-day Tours

These Tours are for multiple Days and require a stop over each night, depending on how long the tours are,

Coastal Tours

Choose from our many Coastal Tours.

Whether you are looking for rugged cliff walks, scenic beauty, paddling in the sea or just wishing to see the famous coastal landmarks, our coastal tours have it all.


Countryside tours

Visit the luscious landscapes of Ireland as we travel across the country stopping off at the most picturesque spots the country has to offer.

Spiritual Tour

As we leave for this 3 day tour, we head on a spiritual adventure, visiting many of the spiritual places across our country.