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Widowed with seven small children, Molly Gallivan had to call on all her resourcefulness to keep body and soul together.

She supplemented her meagre income from her small mountain farm by opening a “Sibheen” (illegal pub). Here she sold her own home made “Poitín” (whiskey) locally known as “Molly’s Mountain Dew”.

When one lifts the latch at Molly Gallivan’s cottage, you open a precious door to our treasured past.  Molly’s Cottage is over 200 years old. It was originally a single story thatched cottage, half of which still stands today. The Cottage was raised and slated in the early 1900s. It was home to one of Molly’s descendants, Jeremiah, until his death in 1997. Today, a visit to Molly’s cottage helps remind us of a simple but often challenging lifestyle endured by our ancestors.

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