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Connemara is a region on the Atlantic coast of western County Galway, in the west of Ireland.

The area has a strong association with traditional Irish culture and contains much of the Connacht Irish speaking Gaeltacht (Irish Speaking Population), which is a key part of the identity of the region and is the largest Gaeltacht in the country.

Visiting Connemara, you will hear the Irish Language spoken as fluent as you speak your own language.  This community thrives on the Irish historical tradition and their lives are based on tradition and religion.

Historically, Connemara was part of the territory of Iar Connacht (West Connacht). Geographically, it has many mountains (notably the Twelve Bens), peninsulas, coves, islands and small lakes. Connemara National Park is in the northwest. It is mostly rural and its largest settlement is Clifden.

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