Irish has always had a history of the Pagan and Christian cultures, yet still remains one of the most devout Catholic countries outside of Italy.  Ireland has had over 200 Saints in its rich history, as well as the 12 Apostles of Ireland and not forgetting St Patrick himself.  We can take you on a journey to see where many of these Saints lived, such as St Kevins very own Glendalough, or other religious sites such as the world famous Knock Shrine.

Irelands Religious Tours

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7 Day Tour - All Ireland Tour

This Exclusive Private Tour of Ireland takes us on a 7 Day trip across the whole Island.

The All-Ireland Tour visits most of the well known sights, landmarks and attractions that Ireland has to offer whilst travelling in style and comfort.

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Religious Tours

Ireland has always rich in history, and no more so than its history of religion.  Whether you are looking to trace the roots of Christianity in Ireland, or trace backto the roots of Ireland rich and diverse Pagan history, we can take you on a tour throughout the country in style and comfort visiting the key places of religious ceremony and settlements.

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