Multiple Day

Our Multiple Day Tours allow you to take in more sights and locations across Ireland.

At the end of the first day, we head to your accommodation, which needs to be booked in advance by yourself.  We will always list the last location of the day to allow you to book your own accommodation locally.

Private and Personal Multiple Day Tours across Ireland


  • 2 Day Tours

    Our Private and Personal 2 Day Tours allow you more time to take in more sights and locations across Ireland.

    With an overnight stay, this option allows you a more relaxed tour for you and your private party.

  • 3 Day Tours

    Our customisable 3 day tours are a great way for you and your party to see the many sights that Ireland has to offer.  With 2 overnight stays, we are able to show you places a little further away, allowing for more time and more locations.

  • 5 Day Tours

    Our 5 Day Tours across Ireland allow us to take you on a more relaxing, circular tour of our island. Taking in more sights both near and far.

  • 7 Day Tours

    Our 7 Day Tours take you on a week long journey across Ireland. With 6 overnight stays, these tours are a vacation within a vacation.

  • 10 Day Tours

    If you want to see the whole of this beautiful island, then these 10 Day Mega Tours are just the ticket.

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7 Day Tour - All Ireland Tour

This Exclusive Private Tour of Ireland takes us on a 7 Day trip across the whole Island.

The All-Ireland Tour visits most of the well known sights, landmarks and attractions that Ireland has to offer whilst travelling in style and comfort.

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Belfast and Derry 2 Day Tour

On this 2 day tour we visit Belfast, birthplace of the Titanic, taking in some of the prominent sights and locations in and around this magnificent city.  After an overnight stay in Belfast, we head cross country to Derry.

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Religious Tours

Ireland has always rich in history, and no more so than its history of religion.  Whether you are looking to trace the roots of Christianity in Ireland, or trace backto the roots of Ireland rich and diverse Pagan history, we can take you on a tour throughout the country in style and comfort visiting the key places of religious ceremony and settlements.

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Wicklow and Cork 2 Day Tour

Our 2 Day Wicklow and Cork tour starts with the picturesque and historic tour of Wicklow.  Heading up to the world renowned Lough Tay, also known globally as The Guinness Lake.  The setting for many movies and TV series, including Viking, Valhalla, Excalibur and many more.  We then head to Glendalough, Kilkenny Castle, Waterford Crystal, Jameson Distillery and Cobh, completing our 2 day tour with a return to Dublin.

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